Mindscape Communications New Answers for New Times™

The Scoop
MINDSCAPE COMMUNICATIONS offers marketing, advertising, research, and public relations services to businesses and nonprofit organizations of all kinds, large and small. We’ve worked with companies in the U.S., Canada, Europe and Japan.

Founded in 1990 as an alternative to in-house marketing and advertising operations and to standard external options, MINDSCAPE brings together the professional services team that will best address your particular project or campaign. We make use of the latest technologies to facilitate team and client interaction. That means operating efficiencies, which translate into budget savings for you…without any loss of quality service.

In these times — when advertising and marketing dollars are especially tight — working with
MINDSCAPE helps you maximize your budget's impact. Regardless of your location, business or service, MINDSCAPE provides the value you're seeking and the experience you need.

Here's the Key
One of the key marketing and business concepts we've learned over the years is this: the fundamental principles underlying good marketing and advertising are the same regardless of business or industry; the only thing that changes is the information related to the product or service being marketed.

G. Stewart Mathison, Proprietor

is a resource you can turn to for more than you might imagine. With decades of experience across a wide range of businesses and industries, we can provide the marketing and advertising expertise necessary for the success of your business or nonprofit organization.

Upon your request, we will develop a proposal for you based upon your specific goals, market, product/service, and budget.

Are You An Agency or Design Firm?
If you are a marketing/advertising agency or design firm looking for additional and unique support services we can help you, too. We have operated as an additional team member to other agencies when our experience created extra value for the agencies' clients.

More? You Want More?
On the following pages you will find a bit more about us, a listing of the services we provide, some of the clients we've served, and a few samples of our work.

If you'd like to know more, we invite you to contact us. Or call us at 262-248-7666. We look forward to working with you.