Mindscape Communications New Answers for New Times™

Our experience includes services to some of the most well-known domestic and international companies: IBM, Morton Salt, American Family Insurance, CUNA, Siemens, Newell, True Value, and others. We know how to think big.

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We have also worked with and for smaller businesses and organizations: Baha'i Publishing, Highsmith, Inc., Kevex, Point in Time, Inc., Katanax, Volunteer Missionary Movement, Rigaku, Spex, and more. We know how to work efficiently, creatively, and stretch a budget.

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From agriculture to X-ray spectrometry. From financial services to software. The range of industries we have served is as broad as you can imagine.

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The services we provide are equally extensive. From print and broadcast ad creation, production and placement, to focus group and survey research. From logo and corporate identity development to social media and branding strategies. From direct response campaigns to website development. To name just a few of the services we can provide you.

We've also been brought on board to help advertising agencies with projects for existing clients, as well as to assist with new business presentations. Providing everything from research and creative support to playing a prominent role in the actual presentation to agency clients and prospects. Our role is to support you, not compete with you.

With backgrounds as extensive as ours, you'll find that we either have had direct experience with your industry or service, or we know how to translate our experience to meet your needs.

If you like what you've seen here, why not contact us to learn what we can do for you? Just email us. Or call us at 262-248-7666. We look forward to working with you.